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The Walk to Remember event aims to help new mothers in St. Pete

The Mace Anthony Williamson Foundation will host The Walk to Remember in St. Pete on September 18. The goal of the Walk to Remember is to honor all families grieving from fetal death, miscarriages, stillbirths, and through early infancy, to raise funds for their passionate nonprofit organization, and to honor the legacy of Maiye Waller’s sweet baby Mace.

Maiye Waller is using her tragic loss as inspiration to help others in her community. The Mace Anthony Williamson Foundation was founded in 2021 by Waller with the goal of supporting women through pregnancy, ensuring they receive a high level of care, and providing physical and emotional support for mothers who suffer infant loss or have newborns in the NICU.

Maiye Waller aims to help mothers across the city, state, and country

Waller was inspired to start the foundation after the years it took to recover from the loss of her son Mace in 2017 due to procedural complications during childbirth. Waller was heartbroken to see her son go straight to the NICU immediately following his birth. A week later, she was given the terrible news: Mace was brain dead, a result of the failed vacuum-assisted attempt to bring him into the world.

Four years later, Waller is the mother of a healthy boy and girl, both delivered without issue. As she has healed, she has found her calling to help other women prevent a tragedy similar to her first pregnancy, and to give them support when loss is unavoidable. 

“I hope to encourage moms and families to share their stories of loss and to prevent another first-time mom and her newborn baby from suffering the way I and my Mace ultimately had to,” Waller said. “I turned my tragedy into triumph, and I plan to tell my story and to potentially raise awareness to a to a cause that is far too heartbreaking, and a story far too unique to go silenced another second.”

Picture Credits: Ms. Brianna Johnson of St. Petersburg, Florida

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