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Soirée En Solo : $25

Masquerade Mask

Complimentary Wine at the Door

Raffle Ticket for Silent Auction

One Voucher for Buffet

Coupler` Des Billet: $40

Two Masquerade Masks

Two Complimentary Glass Wine at the Door

Two Raffle Tickets Silent Auction

Two Voucher for Banquet Dinner

Sponsorship Ticket (Plus to 2-4): $300

Masquerade Mask (2-4)

Two Complimentary Bottles of Wine

Two-Three Raffle Tickets

Two-Six Vouchers for Buffet

Sponsorship Ticket (Plus +1): $150

Masquerade Mask (Up to 2)

One Complimentary Bottle of Wine

Two Raffle Tickets

Two Vouchers for Buffet

Event Mission

By becoming a sponsor for this event, you are supporting our Mission of being the #Voice for Mothers and babies too! In addition to providing community resources so that fewer infant deaths occur during birth, you are also helping to ensure that every bereaved family, wherever they live, gets the care, and support they need. Whenever they may need it, and for as long as they need it! Thank you in advance.


As a sponsor for The Mace Anthony Williamson Foundations event and/or future events your company will receive:


•A dedicated sponsorship company logo or headshot of you on our website with a detailed description of who you are and what you/your company represents.


•A hyperlink directly to your business website or blog


•Sponsor spotlight on the MAWF social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)


Please contact me immediately if you are interested in being a part of an organization that will be sure to draw great attention to your business at each of our events, we will be sure to give your business recognition for the very beneficial contribution that you’ve given to us to help ensure the lives of all moms and babies. And of course, it goes without being said, you’ll receive a tax write-off for any contributions make to our Fundraiser.  


Thank you for your support! Thank you for helping to be the #VOICE for Mothers and Babies!


We truly appreciate your support!


Mai T. Waller

The Mace Anthony Williamson Foundation


Words from Our Executive Director and Founder Maiye T. Waller:

“On this night, 11/14/2021, we will bring together a community of people who have all been impacted by loss one way or another. We will honor our babies, our mothers, our fathers. We will honor those survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse, or anything under the spectrum! October we celebrate Infant Loss Awareness Month in honor of ALL families who have experienced loss as well as our very own Board of Directors and Founders loss children, Baby Mace Anthony, Baby Josias Christopher, and Baby Valentine Anderson. In November we will celebrate togetherness and community”

Thank you for your support!

Mai Waller

The Doula Project Resource Center is our #1 GOAL


  • A true grassroots organization from the ground up.
  • We currently operate on a 100% volunteer basis.
  • For the year of 2022-2023 we are currently projected to operate with an annual budget of under $250,000.
  • Make every effort to avoid infant loss, maternal death or extended NICU stays for babies.
  • Provide doulas for women in underserved communities that lack knowledge of the support we offer and/or women who don’t have access to Doulas due to financial burdens etc.

In the past year the organization has not had any corporate sponsorship or corporate donations made but we have made amazing partnerships with Project Sweet Peas, Miscarriage Matters Inc, Mighty Little Giants, and March of Dimes.

This is why we are asking for your help today.

On November 14th, 2021, The Mace Anthony Williamson Foundation and The Loss Group Project will be hosting a Benefit Masquerade Ball in St. Petersburg, Florida. Our goal is to raise $15,000 that will be used to help instrument a program that provides low costs doulas for women who don’t have insurance and we will accept state Medicaid and stress the importance of doulas.

We will be raising money during the event in a variety of ways including face painting, a silent auction, and an online auction to protect the ones who rather not be six feet apart to fundraise. 

The L.O.S.S. Group! Ladies Owning Our Stories Of Survival, but since we will have some very powerful, influential males present for this event, so we will call us the Leaders Owning Our Stories of Survival.

It will be an evening of music, food, cocktails, spoken word, fundraising, auctions, face painting and more! Come out and support your local nonprofit to raise money for our nonprofit The Mace Anthony Williamson Foundation. They are working daily to ensure the health of safety of all mothers and babies, and we want to make sure they get their Community Resource Center in 2022!

We are looking for dedicated sponsors for this event. Our Sponsorship packages are exclusive and something you won’t want to miss!

Please contact: info@themawfoundation.org if you are interested in more details for Sponsorship Packages.

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(336) 327-1935

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St. Petersburg, Florida

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Please Email or Call if you have party of six or more and would like to be a sponsor for this!

You Will Make a Difference

Make the world better, kinder, brighter. Every dollar you give will create real change.

You Will Make a Difference

Make the world better, kinder, brighter. Every dollar you give will create real change.


Tell the people you know best why our work matters to you! Filling in a goal, message, and photo will make your fundraiser feel relevant to your community.

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Survivor Stories

Hello All!

My name is Danielle Anderson and I am the Secretary for The Mace Anthony Williamson Foundation. This foundation means the world to me, not only because of the close sisterhood I formed with thee Founder and CEO, Maiye Waller. But also, due to my own story of dealing with child loss and being able to get through it with the help of her and my other close sisters.

I am a Crohn’s Warrior, I don’t like to say victim because that to me, sounds like I’m defeated.
But as someone who suffers from a chronic illness, I have been through the wire when it comes to medicines and such. One of them being chemotherapy, and well, what they don’t tell you is after chemo more medicine is administered to then fight off the chemo. February 14th, 2019, I found out I was pregnant. Instant joy was felt but then shattered by instant pain and realization that the medication I was currently on (after the chemo) would not allow me to have a proper or even healthy pregnancy. So, once I went to my doctor and let her know that I am possibly pregnant, we went through the ringer to see what would be the best option and it came down to only 2. Have a high risk pregnancy which could mean the baby would or would not make it plus the baby could be born sick themselves or have a medically induced abortion. And I sat on the idea for a full 2 weeks! But ultimately made the hard decision to have the baby go to a better place and not live a life of constant suffering.

The hardest part of all of this was not being able to have something to hold. To have constant symptoms and feelings of being pregnant and not be able to hold your baby after it is all said and done. Luckily though, as I stated in the beginning, I have sisters who kept me afloat and reminded me that this one incident does NOT dictate who I am as a woman or mother to be in the future. Best advice I can give to any person going through this is to FEEL and allow yourself to feel anytime and any how feels best for you as long as it doesn’t harm you or anyone else. And always have a tribe around you, people that can help you breathe when you feel its too hard to do so. We can all get through this, together the better.


Survivor Stories


I am Trinesha Davis the Lead Directory of The Mace Anthony Williamson Foundation. I feel honored to be a part of this Movement that helps give a voice to the mothers and their babies because I am one of those mother’s and my son Josias Christopher was one of those babies. January 2017 after realizing what I thought was a stomach virus was actually a baby I was 5 weeks and excited. But the experience was not as magical as I hoped it would be. Out of the maybe 7 appointments I had I never saw the same doctor. They never discussed when I expressed concerns about the weird pains I felt and I always felt dismissed and unheard. Not only were the doctors doing it but family members that already had children were invalidating what I said and felt. I was always told “That baby the size of a plum you’re not feeling anything” “Your a hypochondriac”

At 2am 04/07/17 I awoke in a puddle of blood and in a lot of pain. Although Living 10 minutes away from the hospital I was not seen till after 4am. I was 16 weeks pregnant and had never seen my son on an ultrasound till then. His Heartbeat was strong he was moving around and I thought everything was going to be ok. At 6am a doctor finally seen me and said I would need a minor surgery because I was threatening a miscarriage. Just the sound of that word freaked me out and I started “peeing” on myself. I told a nurse I was peeing and she just looked at me and said no you’re not just lay back down. A doctor told me my water had broke and I was miscarrying and I’d have to deliver the baby. I was given two options continue on with the labor or wait a day to see if my fluids would fill back up. But that second option was given in a way that scared me into choosing to have him. Its an everyday battle wishing and wondering what if I just waited and wasn’t scared into believing I’d die. I wish I had an Organization like The MAW Foundation that would help me be heard, and give me resources and access to someone who cares about me and my child.

After pushing my son out his umbilical cord detached from my placenta and a doctor made a comment that I was going lose him regardless. My placenta had to be surgically removed so I didn’t see my son till hours after I had him. Idk what felt worse feeling like I was being rushed to leave the hospital without my son or actually leaving the hospital without him.

My issues with how I was being treated by doctors didn’t end when I left the hospital. I had concerns and questions on how I just woke up lost my child. Why did the doctor say I would’ve lost him anyways? And the answer I got was “It just happens”. I wanted to know if I did something wrong, was it a medical issue, or what could I have done differently, but I got no answers.

The coping was a long and hard process that I still deal with 4 years later. My relationship was strained because my significant other didn’t know how to help me and I couldn’t help myself. Returning to work was very hard because there were 5 other expecting coworkers and that’s were I experienced a switch from grief to jealousy. Although short lived it was there the feeling of unfairness, And devastation and anger that I felt after one told me I didn’t get to celebrate Mother’s Day because I wasn’t a mother. I almost chose violence that day and lost my job. I dealt with a Facebook troll using my sons death against me over a difference in opinion.

The hardest thing about coping is the ignorant things people say, and how they are unaware they hurt you. All the “You’re young you’ll have more” “ It was Gods plan” “God needed him more” etc. only made things worse. It’s a day by day process but with time and friends that have dealt with similar things it has gotten better.