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L- Ladies

O- Owning Our

S- Stories “of

S- Survival

“L.O.S.S.” stands for Ladies. Owning “Our”. Stories “of”. Survival is a Blog Group that is open to listening to ANY and ALL women sharing AND owning their unique “stories of survival”!  We all just want to be heard. I know you can probably relate to also always being the one to hold things in, always being the one that just accepts what has happened to them and blamed yourself for it and running away from the truth! But NO MORE QUEEN. YOU are a NEW woman. AFFIRM IT! “You are a survivor!”  You will join this Blog Group only to bring awareness to and shed light on YOUR truth and topics that make most very uncomfortable and ya know what? THAT’S OKAY! IT’S YOUR STORY! May that be infant loss, child loss, parental loss, depression, anxiety, postpartum depression, rape, domestic violence, sexual assault, absolutely  ANYTHING that had left you feeling a void or empty or broken or lost! NO MORE GIRL! NO MORE! Stand UP for your TRUTH and OWN IT because I’M here to help YOU tell it! If you’re ready to OWN and share your story of survival ME, Mai Waller of The Mace Anthony Williamson Foundation and LOCK IN a spot on our blog page on the website of hit that button! CONTACT ME! NO MORE RUNNING QUEENS! Lets talk…. I’ll start.

Mai Waller

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