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Targeted Outreach For Pregnant Women Act

It is impossible for anyone to ignore your dedication, commitment, love and passion to your foundation, its mission and the population it serves. Indeed, You and Baby Mace are the voice of the voiceless.

My name is Maria V. Fonseca, Intensive Case Manager for the TOPWA program at EPIC/Empath Health in St. Petersburg and I am sending you a flier of our TOPWA (Targeted Outreach For Pregnant Women Act) program, which is a program for high-risk pregnant women who may not seek proper prenatal care, who suffer from substance abuse/alcohol problems, or who are infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). TOPWA provides these women with links to much needed services, information and education. Our TOPWA program offers assistance receiving Medicaid, transportation assistance, parenting classes, assistance with enrollment in Healthy Start, WIC, and other social service programs, family planning, help with HIV medications and proper prenatal care, baby showers and gifts and education on topics like, stress management and self-care for a healthy pregnancy. I am pleased to share the following details with you: our TOPWA referral form and the TOPWA (Spanish and English) fliers. We would like to meet with you to introduce you to our TOPWA Program and see of the many ways we can work together for the benefit and the welfare of our pregnant or at-risk women. If you need additional information or if you want to contact the director of the program, feel free to reach out to her……

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