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You Will Make a Difference

Make the world better, kinder, brighter. Every dollar you give will create real change.

There Is No Greater Love Than to Give Someone the Gift of Life.

The Mace Anthony Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources and support for parents across the world. We are committed to helping families through pregnancy, birth, and the early days after birth with our Baby Loss Advisors and Doulas. We also offer specialized grief and trauma support for babies born still through educating hospital staff on family-centered care, loss doulas, and other resources. Help us reach our goal and bring positive change in society so that no other parents will have to go through a child loss again.

We Are Making a Difference.

This trauma can never be erased, but with the right care, a woman/couple can heal together and find meaning in life again. We’re raising funds for our foundation to give this service to everyone who has lost their child at any point in the pregnancy, >not just stillbirth and also to pregnant families. We seek to continue funding research on stillbirth and provide education about the growing technology used.
With your fund, we provide NICU Care Package Fund Care packages to deserving families. These packages are filled with items selected for both parents and babies to assist in bonding, celebrating milestones, and overall well-being. Each basic care package includes a tote bag, a water bottle, water wipes, a Baby on Board window hanger, Milestone Cards, Proud Parent Button.
Every mother and child deserves the best. We would like to celebrate each life with a gift that will always be meaningful – together. The Anthony Foundation wants to make a difference in the lives of children by providing specialized training, resources, and staff to make sure that every child receives the best possible experience in developing and maintaining strong connections with their mom and dad.

Our Mission

Our mission is not just about raising money for the families who have lost their children. It’s about creating a well-trained, nurturing place where mothers can receive the necessary support needed to process their loss in a safe and non-condescending atmosphere. We are calling for donations to help cover the costs of human relationship support per month, hours of consulting services for grieving mothers, post-life support for aged parents, and education about living with a chronic illness/disability of the children.

You Can Help Be the Voice Too!

Make the world happy, healthy, and caring. Every cent you give will create real change. I remember all too well how a NICU stay can be financially challenging for families. The Mace Anthony Williamson Foundation understands this need, and we will help by providing $100 awards monthly to families across the United States to help with meal and travel costs. This fund supports bereaved parents. We know the challenges that the loss of a newborn can cause for parents and families. The funds will be used for memory keepsake boxes and other services needed to assist in pregnancy or infant loss. Besides, you can also donate items in honor or memory of a loved one by tagging each item with a sticker or small card. It’s highly appreciated that the donations are newly bought, hand-made. If you have pet animals, then please place your donations in zip-lock bags before delivering them to us so that the stuff does not cause any allergies to anyone coming in contact with them.
Common Items to Donate
  • Blankets– Either handmade or store-bought. Our volunteer page offers the most commonly used sizes.
  • Hats – Knit, crochet, or store-bought in preemie or newborn sizes. Our volunteer page offers the most commonly used sizes.
  • Booties– Knit, crochet, or store-bought in preemie or newborn sizes.
  • Scratch Mittens
  • Picture Frames
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Children’s Books
  • Hand/Foot Molds or Ink Kits
  • Tissue Packs
  • Journals
  • Puzzle Books
  • Baby Lotion
  • Lip Balm
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Travel Size Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, dental kits, soap, deodorant, razors, etc)

Please check with Maiye Waller or email at info@theMAWFoundation.org and see which donations are accepted. Your contributions mean a lot to the families.”
Marlene Redman – Founder Humanity
Grief is inevitable, but suffering is optional. When there is amazing support through one-on-one care, the healing that comes from sharing personal feelings and emotions with a caring person during a terrible time is incredible and much appreciated. So, let’s be a part of an organization that aims to do something bigger than itself.

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You Will Make a Difference

Make the world better, kinder, brighter. Every dollar you give will create real change.