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Offering Financial, Social, Emotional,
And Educational Support to Families!

Join us in our mission to provide support for all couples who have experienced the death of their baby or are going through a trauma. We are raising funds for every mother who has lost her child, as well as for the children’s better healthcare facilities.

The Walk to Remember

We are concentrating on supporting families through the healing process—this including helping them afford the medicine for the babies.

$1400 Raised

$200000 Goal


Traveling expenses can be a burden on families. Therefore, we provide practical solutions for supporting grieving families during difficult times.

$10 Raised

$100 Goal

The Eventbrite for the walk raised

You can be a help to the low-income grieving families by providing food support. Donate food ration or charity; it’s up to you!

$200 Raised

$2500 Goal


Providing educational resources, services, and supporting adults who are committed to the care of children during the most difficult time in their lives.

$10 Raised

$100 Goal

Dedicated to supporting families in need from the time of infant loss through the formal mourning period.

$10 Raised

$100 Goal


Bring a smile on a child’s face by gifting them toys and other necessary items. Please refer to our donation page to know more about gifts items you can give.

$10 Raised

$100 Goal

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Your Donation Can Change Someone’s Life

By raising awareness about child bereavement and encouraging support within the community, we aim to reduce post-traumatic stress disorder, prevent depression, ensure a sustained healthy lifestyle for children, and provide an avenue for healing that continues long after the funeral.

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‘’ The Mace Anthony Foundation is making a difference in the lives of parents who are going through difficult times. The organization not only provides education, financial and social support through its shared grief counseling services but also gives access to the lively and helpful community who are ready to share their experiences for better awareness and support. ‘’


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