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Words from Our Executive Director and Founder Maiye T. Waller:

“On this night, 11/14/2021, we will bring together a community of people who have all been impacted by loss one way or another. We will honor our babies, our mothers, our fathers. We will honor those survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse, or anything under the spectrum! October we celebrate Infant Loss Awareness Month in honor of ALL families who have experienced loss as well as our very own Board of Directors and Founders loss children, Baby Mace Anthony, Baby Josias Christopher, and Baby Valentine Anderson. In November we will celebrate togetherness and community”


Thank you for your support!

Mai Waller

The Doula Project Resource Center is our #1 GOAL


• A true grassroots organization from the ground up
• We currently operate on a 100% volunteer basis
• For the year of 2022-2023 we are currently projected to operate with an annual budget of under $250,000

  • Make every effort to avoid infant loss, maternal death or extended NICU stays for babies.
    • Provide doulas for women in underserved communities that lack knowledge of the support we offer and/or women who don’t have access to Doulas due to financial burdens etc.


In the past year the organization has not had any corporate sponsorship or corporate donations made but we have made amazing partnerships with Project Sweet Peas, Miscarriage Matters Inc, Mighty Little Giants, and March of Dimes.


This is why we are asking for your help today.

On November 14th, 2021, The Mace Anthony Williamson Foundation and The Loss Group Project will be hosting a Benefit Masquerade Ball in St. Petersburg, Florida. Our goal is to raise $15,000 that will be used to help instrument a program that provides low costs doulas for women who don’t have insurance and we will accept state Medicaid and stress the importance of doulas.


We will be raising money during the event in a variety of ways including face painting, a silent auction, and an online auction to protect the ones who rather not be six feet apart to fundraise. 😊


 The L.O.S.S. Group! Ladies Owning Our Stories Of Survival, but since we will have some very powerful, influential males present for this event, so we will call us the Leaders Owning Our Stories of Survival.

It will be an evening of music, food, cocktails, spoken word, fundraising, auctions, face painting and more! Come out and support your local nonprofit to raise money for our nonprofit The Mace Anthony Williamson Foundation. They are working daily to ensure the health of safety of all mothers and babies, and we want to make sure they get their Community Resource Center in 2022!

We are looking for dedicated sponsors for this event. Our Sponsorship packages are exclusive and something you won’t want to miss!

Please contact: info@demo105.cyber-demo-client-website.com if you are interested in more details for Sponsorship Packages.

Soirée En Solo : $25

Masquerade Mask

Complimentary Wine at the Door

Raffle Ticket for Silent Auction

One Voucher for Buffet

Coupler` Des Billet: $40

Two Masquerade Masks

Two Complimentary Glass Wine at the Door

Two Raffle Tickets Silent Auction

Two Voucher for Banquet Dinner

Sponsorship Ticket (Plus +1): $150

Masquerade Mask (Up to 2)

One Complimentary Bottle of Wine

Two Raffle Tickets

Two Vouchers for Buffet

Sponsorship Ticket (Plus to 2-4): $300

Masquerade Mask (2-4)

Two Complimentary Bottles of Wine

Two-Three Raffle Tickets

Two-Six Vouchers for Buffet

Please Email or Call if you have party of six or more and would like to be a sponsor for this!


Do you or someone that you know own or work for a business that would be interested in supporting a groundbreaking cause?

Do You or someone you may know want to be a member

Does your business want to give back to the community as well as save lives of babies around the nation?




By becoming a sponsor for this event, you are supporting our Mission of being the #Voice for Mothers and babies too! In addition to providing community resources so that fewer infant deaths occur during birth, you are also helping to ensure that every bereaved family, wherever they live, gets the care, and support they need. Whenever they may need it, and for as long as they need it! Thank you in advance.



As a sponsor for The Mace Anthony Williamson Foundations event and/or future events your company will receive:


  • A dedicated sponsorship company logo or headshot of you on our website with a detailed description of who you are and what you/your company represents.
  • A hyperlink directly to your business website or blog
  • Sponsor spotlight on the MAWF social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)


Please contact me immediately if you are interested in being a part of an organization that will be sure to draw great attention to your business at each of our events, we will be sure to give your business recognition for the very beneficial contribution that you’ve given to us to help ensure the lives of all moms and babies. And of course, it goes without being said, you’ll receive a tax write-off for any contributions make to our Fundraiser.  

Thank you for your support! Thank you for helping to be the #VOICE for Mothers and Babies!

We truly appreciate your support!


Mai T. Waller

The Mace Anthony Williamson Foundation

You Will Make a Difference

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